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Connection believes that whole health involves physical, mental, emotional as an individual and the planet. 
Using traditional, timeless and universal wisdom and modalities. Bringing you services and products to support your journey. 
Connection is based on the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga, Wayapa, Wicca and Herbal - Plant medicine. 
Making it accessible, affordable and tangible. 
With the greatest care, passion and detail to using organic and wild crafted ingredients, sustainable and zero waste practices and traditional homemade methods.
Connection believes that talking, supporting the body internally with food and herbs plus externally with bodywork as well as giving you the lifestyle tools, practices and wisdom as an individual to heal, function and feel better is the best way to get you connected - mind, body, soul and earth. 



आयुर्वेद Ayurveda ayur: "life" or n"longevity” | veda:  "knowledge" or "science." | translates to “the science of life.” 

Ayurveda is an ancient medical tradition, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful health systems. Ayurveda is universal and timeless. 

Ayurveda is a whole body, whole life principle, we don’t just look at one symptom and “diagnose and prescribe” we look at the person as a whole and treat the root cause, listening to and not masking them. 

Ayurveda is NOT a fad, it’s NOT a one size fits all-same approach, in fact it is based on the premise that we are all INDIVIDUALLY made up of the elements and their corresponding doshas. 

Ayurveda is connecting with and harnessing natural rhythms-circadian rhythms, moon and female cycles, seasons.

Ayurveda uses herbal medicine, diet, bodywork, counselling, rituals and routine, yoga and more to bring balance, health and vitality plus meaning and sacredness to our lives. 

Basic tenents include:

-Freedom from illness depends upon expanding our own awareness, bringing it into balance, and then extending that balance to the body.

-We are all initially connected within ourselves, to people surrounding us, to our immediate environment, and to the universe. This balanced connectivity ensures good health.

-Human beings are responsible for their choices and actions.

The aim of this system is to prevent illness, heal the sick and preserve life. Aimed towards health on three levels: 

Mentally,  Physically, Spiritually.



Doing the best possible to be carbon neutral and zero waste, using cut offs of fabrics to wrap and recycle boxes and packaging. 

Using amber jars to ensure longer shelf and quality of the products and aluminium lids were possible. 

Encouraging you to reuse packaging or hand it back to resuse. Please if you aren’t reusing, make sure it’s recycled. 

Most teas are designed for 2 or 3 brews so you get more and we all waste less - you can do this by upping boiling water to a large kettle or jug thru the day or leaving the first brew for 3mins, the second for 15+ and the third for over night or more than an hour. All left over product can be placed in compost or garden adding minerals to the soil. 

I’ve worked for a lot of companies in high level management, some claiming to be “ethical” some meticulously ethical, some not at all. 
Thru over 24years of on the job training, studying sustainable business, owning my own businesses and countless research and networking I’ve been able to build up a trusted portfolio of suppliers and farmers so I can bring you the best quality, organic or wildcrafted, Australian grown and Aborginal owned businesses where possible. 
If I’m not happy with it, I won’t use it- and if along the way I discover something isn’t ethical or sustainable I will change it. In fact I devote time each week into researching ingredients, methods and suppliers. Always paying more, taking on the extra cost and giving more time because I care about this planet and our impact. 

Connection has a detailed carbon offset, sustainability, ally, giving back - business plan called 'Purpose over Profit'- which I am happy to share with anyone. 
Connection is a small batch, small business, home made, woman owned company with a mission to bring you the highest quality products with traditional wisdom at an affordable level with devotion to Mother Earth and whole body health. 

Small batch. Traditionally made. Using the finest organic or wildcrafted ingredients. 


Made using traditional methods and Ayurvedic powders that make oil abhyanga oil. With blends that change with the seasons and our needs then infused with particular herbs for their purposes. Oils are infused thru two moon cycles (2 months)- in with the new and out with the full, exposed to the elements of sun, rain, salt water and earth. They are turned daily with mantra and given reiki. 



Herbal Teas are a beautiful, delicious and ritualistic way to add the benefits of herbal medicine. 
Most teas are designed for more than 1 use so you get more and we use less. 

Each recipe is magically crafted using Ayurvedic, Western Herbal and Australian Plant medicine wisdom to give you the best combinations for your needs. 
Each tea is blended in ritual with mantra, reiki and affirmations for its purpose. 

Reach out with advice on when best to take and if you are on any medications, breast feeding or pregnant. 



Elixirs offer a powdered recipe which, is carefully crafted to give you an accessible and tangible way of receiving herbal medicine. Some elixirs are sold in powder, it’s recommend to mix 1 teaspoon with 1 part boiling water with 1 part milk (full cream Ahimsa if possible or milk alternative of your choice) 
Some elixirs are sold in pill form that has been handmade to give you the easiest application as they can be so potent that their taste is less then desired. All caps are veggie based. 
All elixirs are made in ritual with mantra, reiki and affirmations for their purpose. 
Reach out for advice on which I would recommend for you, when is best to take it and if you are on any medications, breast feeding or pregnant. 



A potent, easy to use- Alcohol free version of Herbal Tinctures.Recipes are carefully crafted then brewed for 3-5months. Simply add 10-15 drops to water, milk, juice (for iron) or even honey or ghee. A tangible but strong way to fully benefit the magic of herbs. All Herbal Drops are made traditionally and in tourism- attended to daily with mantra, reiki and affirmations. 



The Sea of Nectar range is designed to make natural skincare easy. Using the best quality organic ingredients with a range of benefits for the skin. 
Unisex and ageless this range, especially used together will improve skin quality, appearance, texture, heal any blemishes, soothe skin issues and fade lines. 
Ive done the research, experiments and have tested on humans to take all the guess work out for you with 3 simple to use products that contain only natural ingredients. Use together or use alone. 
All made in ritual with mantra, reiki and affirmations. The Oil 2 moon cycles, Serum infused for 1. 
As our moisturiser is only SPF8 we highly recommend using a good quality broad spectrum sunscreen in the day to protect from UVB and UVA. 



Spice blends, Natural deodorant, Tongue scrapers.. this section will continue to evolve. 



A beautiful gift or an easy way to shop. 


“To choose to have a practice- a daily discipline of yoking your heart to your mind, your mind to your breath, your breath to your body, your body to the earth and the rest of humanity.”



Connection is small batch meaning only a certain amount of each product gets made each new moon and packed each full moon. 

This can mean that sometimes products will be out of stock but it’s to ensure the quality of the product and not hurry up the process. 
If a product is not available on the website please reach out to find when it will next be. 

If for any reason your order doesn’t arrive please let me know- most times it’s at your local PO. 

If anything is damaged I will refund or replace after I receive photos for insurance. 
More than happy to send to people as gifts - just let me know on the notes and if you want me to add a card. 
Gift vouchers also available. 



Lake of Dreams oil : “Using this oil warmed to give myself an Abhyanga feels like a big, nurturing hug to my nervous system. The oil feels so luxurious on my skin and leaves my very dry skin - especially legs - silky and nourished after showing off the oil.” Caroline 

Deodorant: “I was a little weirded out by rubbing the paste in my armpits I’ll be honest but after a full day of working in construction in the sun then the gym, I couldn’t believe it but I didn’t smell! Usually I have to reapply deodorant all day and still stink. It’s also cool how it’s packaged and the smell cause it’s still manly enough but my girlfriend also loves it. Want to get some for the boys on site.” Matt 

Ayurveda night elixir: “it’s been 4 weeks now and honestly my digestion is better, my inflammation has practically gone, my sleep is better and I’ve really noticed how I’m less affected my stress. I also love the ritual after dinner and the taste! “ Sarah 

Lake of Dreams drops: “I haven’t had a good nights sleep in forever it feels, but every night I’ve had your drops I sleep so deep and sound. I love the subtle taste, that’s it’s alcohol free and I am loving the sleep!” Marie 

“Fee my gut has never been better! I did all your recommendations, take my CCF tea in the morning, a cup of nurture tea in the afternoon and the detox tea in my flask during work then the digest pills before bed. I’m actually pooping like a trooper, less bloated, less acne, more energy, even no farting and reflux! You’re a legend thanks.” Dave 

“Your teas have become such a saving grace during this strange time. A ritual cup of deliciousness. I love making up my teapot savouring it and topping it up during the day. The woman’s tea is my favourite in the morning, then I love mint during the day, looking forward to my chai in the afternoon then sip Lake of Dreams while I read before bed. I’m a total (Felicia) teatotallor. Please keep making your magic.” Geradline 

“Thanks for your recommendation on the nurture oil and multi balm. As you know both my girls have always had skin issues and we have tried everything. It’s only been a week of doing as you said - using just the salve, oil and rosewater and both girls skin has cleared up and is softer then ever. They are over the moon. We have also taken to your recommendation to give everyone foot massages with the oil before bed- it’s super cute, dad does Olivia, Olivia does me, I do Maya and Maya does dad. The girls (and our nerves ) have definitely improved plus we love the special bonding. I can see the touch has really helped Olivia with her anxiety for school the next day.” Rebecca 





























 Sutra 11:1 “You must be fuelled by a burning desire to continuously study the self, which is only available in the present moment, now. And to devote yourself wholly to this effort. These are the actions needed to attain union (yoga).” 



“I recently had shirodhara with Felicia and all I can say is wow! It put me into such a deep state of relaxation and it was something I have needed for a long time! Felicias caring approach makes you feel right at home. I cannot recommend this enough!

I also did a 1:1 support with Felicia the next week. Felicia is full of practical and actionable advice. She tailors the session to your needs and during mine I received some energy healing and some body work to calm my nervous system. I was immediately comfortable and felt safe to share my experiences for which she was able to provide support. I will truly recommend this for anyone who is interested!” Kate

“I saw Felicia for a series of treatments Post-Natal. I experienced bad post natal depression after my first and was concerned so I had a consult with her and she supported me thru the whole pregnacy, post natal I used her products, received her post natal treatment package and not only did I feel better then before but I healed so much quicker. I especially loved the massages, along with the post natal pack itself. Have just gifted the whole experience to my sister- made me realise how much we focus on the baby clothes and gifts but not the mother recovering herself.” Jess 

“My Abhyanga massage with Felicia was a treat for my body & heart. From the moment I walked into her room I felt myself relax, I just knew I was in the right place. She’s a true magic maker & has the sweetest nature. The treatment was so true & authentic, she’s the real deal. Xx” Sara 

“I’ve been working with Felicia for 3 months now after our first initial consult. I have an autoimmune disease and have put on a lot of weight over the years, I have found the whole thing very overwhelming. Felicia truely understands not just what it’s like to live with chronic illness but how to manage and adapt to it. My body experiences a lot less pain and triggers, my mind feels in control and calm and I feel fully supported by her guidance and wisdom. Her products and treatments are magic. I appreciate from the start she asked me my budget and has never gone over it, even over 3 months - her teachings and individual plan plus yoga practice has given me a new lease on life. I’ll be forever grateful for her.” Diane 

“Just wanted to let you know today I was walking on the beach and I had this realisation that life is beautiful. I practiced the sense tune-in you taught me and was able to really see, feel, smell and hear everything around me. It was so overwhelming to feel like that after so many months of depression but I kept hearing your words that I deserve to feel bliss, that I have to seek it and enjoy it and that it’s everywhere. I guess getting regular counselling with you has been working more than I even realised! A little corny but seriously, Thanks Fee” Jason 

“ After the lost of my baby I felt empty. Felicia nourished me with a massage, womb Basti and gave me energy healing. Her clinic is so warming I never want to leave when I’m there. It’s the little details I love the most- the washing of my feet with warm towels, the mantras etc. she guided me thru a ritual to perform to “bury” my unborn baby and afterwards I felt whole again. Kim 

“I’m a bloke who doesn’t do the “healing stuff” but my girlfriend brought me a gift voucher to see Felicia after she had. She was super understanding that I wasn’t into the energy stuff but gave me a really good facial with focus on my beard, a great back and head massage and some oil thing (back Basti) on my spine which know I’m confused cause my constant back pain and dandruff has literally just gone so whatever magic stuff she does, I’m all for it.” Mike 

“I recently organised Felicia to come do a Wayapa workshop at our work for Reconciliation week- we had people of all ages and backgrounds, they had no clue what we were doing. But Felicia is really an expert at what she does- holding space, educating and inspiring. You can tell how passionate about Wayapa she is and the whole 2hr workshop flew by- we learn so much but connected so much as a team, even our suited CEO was making smudge sticks and talking about sustainability while moving thru the elements. Since she came, we have made a lot of changes in our workplace to be better allies, and a one of the staff has Felicia come over monthly to teach her family. Highly recommend.” Michelle. 

“I can’t even tell you how much Fees yoga classes have changed my life. I’ve followed her from studio to studio because I’ve never found anything like it. The care she puts into the theme, the philosophy, the sequence and music. I find myself often using her tips and teachings in my life. She always gives so many modifications and options- I love how people with advanced practices are next to people who are new or have injuries and she always manages to make us all feel exactly where we should be.” Val. 



I know personally what it’s like to not feel and function at your best. I have a deep rich healing personal journey thru childhood trauma, abuse, addiction, an unhealthy unconnected, non dharmic lifestyle, self harm, long term suicidal depression, chronic illness and autoimmune, gut issues, melanoma, anxiety, mini stroke and weight/body issues. 
At my lowest mentally and physically Ayurveda found me from a recommendation after years of pain and diagnosis’s. Within 6mths of following my Drs protocol I was feeling, functioning and looking better than I ever had. Yoga had been in my life from the age of  10 but it now had formed a much bigger picture working with Ayurveda. 
I learnt as much as I could while I healed, working an apprenticeship and studying non stop the modalities and methods I knew worked and believed in. 
This is my dharma. To help you be more connected - mind | body | soul | earth so that you can feel and function better. So you can obtain balance and grounding. So you can manage whatever life throws at you with grace. So you can heal. So you can find bliss in the magic and lessons of life. 
Connection has long been my dream and vision- a platform to combine Herbal medicine, Ayurveda, Wayapa, Yoga, Wicca, Counselling and bodywork to give you the best combination and support. 
I will be forever grateful for these traditional modalities and their wisdom to guide us back to rhythm and balance. Forever devoted to my own health and to be of service to others. Forever in awe and wanting to protect Mother Earth. And I will forever be a student. 









Herbal medicine for pets

Australian herbal medicine 



Yoga teaching 600hr 

Reiki Level 2 

Marma point therapy 

Vedic energy healing 

Vedic counselling 


Trauma counselling 

Herbal skincare 

Western herbal medicine

Ayurvedic herbal medicine

Ayurvedic treatment technician 

Ayurvedic apprenticeship 2yrs 

Ayurveda level 1 & 2 

Whole food Nutrition 

Clinic hours 3500+ 

Intuitive Balinese massage and healing 

Wayapa Diploma 

Pulse diagnosis 

Environmental sustainability practices 




Visual merchandising 


Fashion design 


Reach out with any questions. 

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Yes absolutely I adore holding workshops and events- just reach out and let me know what you're thinking.


Absolutely! I support reusing and zero waste completely- if you are in Sydney reach out and I can reuse your jars. All jars are designed to definitely be reused- labels will wash off with some warm water and bicarb.


Yes! I offer sliding scales as well but will always work within your budget- all of the services are designed and achieve better longer lasting affects when done in groups of 3 or more or regularly- just reach out and we can cater a plan for you.


Not a problem- just let me know in the notes on ordering or reach out beforehand- I have a whole range of pregnancy and post natal products that are not only safe but support. Herbal medicine can be used safely with other prescription medication but should always be respected- some herbs do counteract or are best just not to take at the same time so reach out and let me know what you are taking and I can guide you.


You sure can! I follow Ayurveda and whole food nutrition when it comes to food- the basis is vegetarian with meat as medicine. But I cater for all food preferences and allergies. You'll learn how best to nourish yourself with food for all diets.


Yes absolutely- if you have a certain need or want you would like me to make I can work with you. You may have an allergy or need a certain herb taken out or put in- depending on the product this process will take a little longer, just reach out. 


Yes. I understand personally what it’s like to not be able to afford the healing and health you need. I vow to never turn down someone in need because of money. I offer payment plans which you can pay off over a certain time as well as 4x sliding scales a month for those in financial difficulties- this means you pay what you can afford from a scale that I offer. Just reach out and explain your situation and needs plus budget and we will always find a place to meet. If need be too I am also open to some exchanges. 


I recommend not getting any bodywork done on your period - nor doing asana practice unless it’s restorative. Especially the first 1-3 days depending on your cycle it’s so important to just rest and nourish. Our cycle is detoxing the body naturally so we don’t want to upset that. Wait till after you’re bleeding then book in. I recommend self massage of the breasts during this time- especially the nipples as they are connected to the ovaries (think breastfeeding) so will help encourage blood flow and relieve pain. Also the woman tea. 


I recommend having a look at the packs - they have been designed as the best way to incorporate products that complement each other best for the purpose of the pack. But feel free to always email me and book in for a quick chat or email correspondence so we can go thru your needs, symptoms, budget and lifestyle etc and I can guide you in the right direction- will just add a small consult fee (staying in your budget) with the products. 



Connection acknowledges the traditional custodians - the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation on which our products are made and clinic is. 
We pay our deepest respects to the elders- past, present and emerging. 
We bow down in respect to all First Nations of Australia, all indigenous peoples everywhere and believe strongly in reconciliation and being an ally. 
We support First Nations companies wherever we can and pay the rent. 
We are deeply sorry for the lost and trauma lines caused and forever grateful for the love and connection to the land you have that has preserved and maintained it for thousands of years. 
We pay our respects to the spiritual teachers and seekers of India who give us Ayurveda and Yoga. We donate a % of of profits to the farmers in India and to preserve our Bush land here in Australia. 
We pay our respects to the lineage of Herbal Medicine and our own ancestors, especially the healers and change makers. 
And we pay our deepest heartfelt respects and gratitude to Mother Earth for all that she gives us and offers. 
Our beautiful logo is designed by Dharawal artist and good friend Jaz Corr. 


This site cannot and does not contain medical/health advice. The medical/health information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only. Please reach out for individual advice. My methods are based on my own experiences and education as a registered health practitioner. I will always work with modern medicine and scientists to provide my clients the best support in preventing disease with traditional modalities. 

Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but to support self care, balance and work with you to feel and function better. 

I have the most deepest respect for herbal medicine so please reach out as many herbal products are not recommended for people who are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or taking medications. 

If you have a current doctor or diagnosis I encourage deeply to include their reports when you contact me so we can weave together all wisdoms and knowledge. My focus is on preventative, balancing and mental health. This is why it’s a goal of mine to study and learn western and modern medicine as much as traditional. I passionately and personally believe and have experienced both. 

You are responsible for your own health. As with conventional medicine, herbal medicine is vast and complex, and must be used responsibly. People react differently to different remedies. I have created these products with the uttermost care, knowledge and love for what they are designed for. I believe strongly that the path to health is healing trauma, healing the gut, unlearning and relearning old patterns, food, herbal medicine, nature, movement, mindfulness, a focus on mental health,  balancing hormones, preventing stages of disease and supporting the body back from disease if present with modern, traditional and individual approaches. And lastly, learning to live a fulfilling life that is connected - mind, body, soul and earth. 

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